Brand information of active cognac producers

Active brands, definition. I consider brands to be active if they still existed at the time I started taking an interest in cognac, which was in 1980. If they had stopped then, I categorised them under 'brands that have disappeared'.

All cognac producers are presented on the map: (legend: red star: cognacfirm; red diamond: secondairy location of a cognacfirm; green drop: bouilleur de Cru grande champagne; yellow drop: bouilleur de cru petite champagne; purple drop: bouilleur de cru borderies; orange drop: bouilleur de cru fins bois; brown drop: bouilleur de cru bons bois; gray-brown: bois ordinaires; blue drop: bouilleur de cru more than one cru; circle: cognacfirm, distillery or bouilleur on which not a lot of information is available)

Of all the major brands a description is made. Just find the brand name in the following list and click on the link. (Work in progress, more brands will be added.)

The names of producers in subjoined list are represented on the map by a circle or a little dot. Of these producers not much more information is available.
  • Alliat in Vindelle, fins bois (0545 214806) >logo and nameplate
  • Arsicaud in Saint Martin de Coux, bons bois (0546 047219 or 06 42736394) >house, nameplate and website
  • Audebert in Les Villairs, Rouillac, fins bois (06 73584684 or 0545 217686) >house
  • Autence in Montendre (bons bois (0546 492048) >house and logo
  • Babinot in Chérac, borderies of fins bois (0546 964054) >nameplate and website
  • Bancel (brand of Domaine de Fontsèche) in Dompierre sur Charente (0546 910927) >nameplate
  • Barbeau in Les Vignes, Sonnac, fins bois (0546 585585) >logo
  • Les Barbins in Orignolles, bons bois (0546 044335 and 06 07988497) >logo and website
  • Barlaam in Rioux-Martin, bons bois (0545 981775) >emblem
  • Barron in St-Martial-sur-Né, petite champagne (0546 495085 and 06 81735971) >logo
  • Batard in Vénérand, fins bois (0546 972716) >nameplate
  • Bellebeau in Neuvicq-le-Chateau, fins bois (0546 261759 or 06 16931516) >logo and website
  • Le Berceleu in Allas Bocage, bons bois (0546 483257 of 06 81170162) >logo
  • Bertet in Saint Aigulin, bons bois (0546 042702) >nameplate
  • Beurg in Jonzac, petite champagne (0546 480850) >house and nameplate
  • Blanchard (Alain) in Angeac-Charente, petite champagne (06 1568029 or 0545 971150) >nameplate
  • Blondin in Beauvais sur Matha, fins bois (06 07335657) >logo and website
  • Boisnard in Floirac, bons bois (0546 906446) >nameplate
  • Bonneau in Coulonges, petite champagne (0546 963629 or 06 10449875) >nameplate, logo and website
  • Bonnin (Jean-Claude) in Nantillé, fins bois (0546 953223) >logo
  • Brisson (Gilles) in Chateaubernard, grande champagne (0545 361218) >logo
  • Brutus (Stéphane) in Vaux-Rouillac, fins bois (0545 664975 or mobile 06 71440256) >logo and website
  • Carré (Alain) in Saint Aigulin, bons bois (0546 042576) >nameplate
  • Cartaud in Courpétaud, fins bois (0546 042576) >nameplate and website
  • Cellou in St.-Simon-des-Bordes, fins bois (0546 702471 or 0546 480521) >maison and logo
  • Chagnoleau in Le Gua, bons bois (0546 229416) >logo
  • Chaignier (Pascal) in Lussac, petite champagne (0546 483163 or 06 87966973) >logo
  • Chailloux in Neuvicq, bons bois (0546 041217 or 06 80150771) >bottle and e-mail address
  • Le Champ des Vignes in Saint Seurin d'Uzet, bons bois (0546 905250) >logo and e-mail address
  • Charrassier in Gémozac, bons bois (0546 946028) >nameplate
  • Chartier in Ecoyeux, fins bois (0546 263282) >logo and website
  • Chauvet in Sainte Lheurine, petite champagne (0546 491157)
  • >website
  • Clos de la Courade in Mareuil, owned by Christian Gravelat, fins bois (0545 965751). Attention: not the nearby Logis de la Courade.
  • Cochain in Chénac, bons bois (0546 904620) >logo and website
  • Collin in Salles d'Angles, grande champagne (0545 837077) >logo and website
  • Combe in Meux, petite champagne (0546 481192) >road sign
  • Cotard in Champagnolles, bons bois (0546 709238) >label
  • Coulon in Saint Gilles, Saint Pierre d'Oléron, bois ordinaires (0546 470271) >nameplate
  • Courtils in Rouffiac, bons bois (0545 981097) >maison and logo
  • Couzinet in Coux, bons bois (0546 703002) >some bottles
  • Desrentes in Louzac-Saint-André, borderies (0545 829151) >nameplate and logo
  • Domaine de Collinet of Jean Moreau in Montguyon, bons bois (0546 041125) >nameplate and logo
  • Domaine du Plantis in Courcerac, fins bois (0546 250932) >name plate and bottle
  • Domaine Montansier in Grabes-Saint-Amant, grande and petite champagne (0953 364393) >naambord and website
  • Drouillard Frères in St. André de Lidon, bons bois (0546 908377) >logo
  • Duluc and Baron de l'If in Touzac, grande champagne (0545 975012 or 0545 975257) >nameplate
  • l'Échassier (Jacques Collin) in Chateaubernard, grande champagne (0545 320493) >nameplate
  • Emerit-Robier in Le Liboreau near Sonnac, fins bois (0546 266420) >nameplate
  • Faure in Guitinières, fins bois (0546 481209) >nameplate
  • Faure in Mons, fins bois (0546 481209)
  • Fief du Moulin in Saint-Fort-sur-Gironde, fins bois (0546 498274; mob 06 27548044) >maison and name plate
  • Fort in Eraville, grande champagne (0546 971198) >maison and website
  • Fourcade in Le Pin, bons bois (0546 706172) >maison and logo
  • Garraud in Courcerac, fins bois (0546 250017) >maison
  • Gay (Jean-Claude) in Sainte Lheurine, petite champagne (0546 491336)
  • Giraud (Eric) in Boutiers St Trojan, fins bois; he owns the distillerie de l'Étang too (0545 321276) >nameplate
  • Gillet in Meux, petite champagne (0546 484020 of 06 83157203)
  • Gombert in Villars-les-Bois (Chez Lunaud), fins bois (05 46949317 or 06 33585972) >logo
  • Gourdet in Réaux, petite champagne (0546 480989) >logo
  • Gousseland in Chenac-Saint-Seurin-d'Uzet, bons bois (0546 906414; mob: 06 87633034) >bottle and logo
  • Groussin, WIlliam in Chérac, borderies (06 99850644) >maison and logo
  • Guedon in Saint Maurice de Tavernole, petite champagne (0546 483019) >nameplate
  • Guilloteau in Les Métairies, fins bois (0545 811218) >maison and bottle
  • Hélis in Bran, bons bois (0546 706648) >nameplate
  • Huillin in Saint Georges Antignac, fins bois (0546 704078) >nameplate
  • Lacuve in Jurignac, fins bois (0545 664266) >logo
  • Lambert Frères in Luxé, fins bois (0545 390010 or 06 20347781) >naambord
  • Lavenat in Cheville, Bassac, fins bois (0545 819330) >logo
  • Lembert (Alain) in Archiac, petite champagne (0546 491432 or 06 79250192) >nameplate
  • Lembert (Claude) in Saint Eugène, petite champagne (0546 491302)
  • Logis de la Croix, owned by Bujard in Saint André de Lidon, bons bois (0546 900511)>nameplate
  • Loizeau, Christian in Ecoyeux, fins bois (0546 977664 or 06 12119949) >nameplate and logo
  • de Lotherie in Juillac le Coq (Beauregard), grande champagne (0545 322972 or 0454 830019)
  • Mage in La Coindrie, St. Pierre d'Oléron, bois ordinaires (0546 471672)>maison
  • Malangin in Saint Germain de Vibrac, petite champagne (0546 700100)>maison
  • Maudet in Champagne-Vigny, fins bois (0545 641069) >logo and website
  • Maurin in St Dizant du Gua, fins bois (0546 499628) >logo
  • Menier in Echallat, fins bois (0545 908611) >logo
  • Mittard in St. Martial sur Né, petite champagne (0546 700589)
  • Morpain-Jorand in St Georges d'Oleron, bois ordinaires (0546 766903) >nameplate
  • Moucheboeuf in Montguyon, bons bois (0546 041972)
  • Moulin de la Champagne in Allas Bocage, bons bois (0546 485010)>logo
  • Naud in Saint Laurent de Cognac, borderies (0545 824011)
  • Pastier in Bignac, fins bois (0545 397410) >nameplate and dwelling
  • Paynaud in Bouteville, grande champagne (0545 975143)>nameplate and dwelling
  • Perraud in Vallet, Montendre, bons bois (0546 492218)>maison
  • Pierre Robert in Épargnes, bons bois (0546 907319)>bottle
  • Pillet, Alain in Rouffignac, bons bois (0546 490482)>nameplate
  • Pillet, Jean, distillerie in Nancras (0546 944197)>nameplate
  • Poussard in Javrezac, borderies (0545 831755) >logo
  • Pozzobon in St. Eugène, petite champagne (0546 484958)>maison
  • De Pradière in Birac, petite champagne (08 92977096) >bottle
  • Priollaud in St Amant de Nouère, fins bois (0545 932257 or 06 48114632) >logo and website
  • Prioulat in Saint-Fort-sur-le-Né, grande champagne (0545 837024) >nameplate
  • Pruleau in Saint-Bonnet-sur-Gironde, fins bois (0546 860081 or 06 77081181) >bottle and website
  • Gérard Renaud in Jarnac-Champagne, petite champagne (0546 459082) >maison and logo
  • HF Renaud in Saint-Genis-de-Saintonge, bons bois (0546 498347) >maison and label
  • Renou Distillerie in Saint-Dizant-de-Gua, fins bois (0546 499427) >maison and name plate
  • Renouard in st Germain de Vibrac, petite champagne (0546 493665) >logo and nameplate
  • Renoud in Gimeux, grande champagne (0545 829256) >nameplate
  • Rullier in Marsac, fins bois (0545 214427) >nameplate
  • Rumeau in Champagne-Vigny, fins bois (0545 640292) >maison and logo
  • Saint-Robert in Saint Bris des Bois, fins bois (0546 915699) >nameplate and a bottle
  • Serplet in Juillac le Coq, grande champagne (0545 366573) >maison and nameplate
  • Sigogneaud in Saint Ciers Champagne, petite champagne (0546 700095) >nameplate
  • La Templerie, brand of Jean Richon in Champniers, fins bois (0545 687389) >logo
  • Tallon in Burie, borderies (0546 949322) >nameplate
  • Thomas in St. Laurent de Cognac, borderies (0545 822835)>logo
  • Vallade in Brie-Sous-Archiac, petite champagne (0546 700884) >maison and logo
  • Vias in Saint Ciers du Taillon, fins bois (0546 707644) >maison and label
  • Vignaud in Montlieu la Garde, bons bois (06 71430156) >nameplate


Brand information — 19 Comments

    • Hello Jukka,

      Thanks for sending these beautiful photos. You probably saw my Tables Page. Combeau and Royon were not new to me, you can find them in the relevant tables. The Abel Longuet (not Lonquet) and Larcher Père & Fils Jeune are new to me and I have added them in the tables. The name on the bottle of Vieux Cognac is indeed difficult to decipher. Is it perhaps MHA Brosé?
      I have added the bottle of De Luze to the catalogue page. Can you tell me what the contents are? From the looks of it, it could be a magnum. Or is it 70-75 CL?

      Thanks again.
      Hope to hear form you.

  1. I have looked at you list of distillers and cannot find 11 companies of which i have antique labelled bottle specimens all predating World War 1…. i was hoping to find out more about them…….James Duret & Cie…..F,Marion & Cie……Ph.Richard……..J.Henry Fils Cie…Regnier&Cie….M.Durand & Cie…..V.Brillet…J.E.Lenouveau & Cie…Marc Guilbert & Cie…Bartollet…..Jules Fournier & Cie

    • Beautiful collection!
      Most of the names I have listed in a table, but there is probably not much information about them in the table. You can find them if you use the search box, just below the flags.
      James Duret: I only know Jules, Gustave and Simon Duret.
      F. Marion & Co: they were distillers in St. Jean d’Angely.
      Philip Richard was a producer also in St. Jean d’Angely. But there were a lot of producers with the name Richard….
      Henry: I know Henry Tytell & Fils, veuve Henry & Fille, Roger Henry and Jules Henry & Co.
      Claude Durand was in Montchaude and there also existed a Durand Frères.
      Regnier Frères, now belongs to Cointreau.
      Veuve Brillet is now J.R. Brillet, still existing.
      Lenouveau and Guilbert, never heard of before.
      Bartollet was taken over by Pellisson.
      Jules Fournier, he was a merchant in Chateauneuf-su-Charente. But there was also a Fournier-Demars in St. Amand and there was a Veuve Fournier & Co. who was taken over by Lhéraud.

      A propos: I would very much like to have a photo of that old martell bottle with the dark label, if that is not to much to ask?

  2. Hello,

    I’m speechless. The work you’ve done on this website is just outstanding. I mean, it is truly a gold mine.

    I can’t imagine the time you gave for this passion.

    Congrats and many thanks,

    A cognac enthusiast,


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