Cabel, bouilleur de Cru in Le Breuil, Sonnac (fins bois)

The name Cabel comes from Caillé and Bellebeau. Mrs Caillé was married to Mr Bellebeau. Their son Robert Bellebeau has continued the business and his daughter Delphine is now in charge of this wine-growing company (viticulteurs and pépinieristes). Before 1977, the company was called Caillé. The company employs 14 people. They own 2 alambics. Robert Bellebeau once started with 15 hectares, but this has now grown to 63 hectares, 54 of which are for cognac, including 15 hectares for grafting.

Before they used to have the brand Caillé.

Gamma (fins bois): vieille réserve (probably they have other qualities too).

Update January 2022: they have stopped making/selling their own brand. Production all goes to the big brands)

Geen website.
Adres: 10 Rue Gadeville, Le Breuil, 17600 Sonnac. Telefoon: 0456 585629. (geopend van maandag tot zaterdag van 9h00-12h00 en 14h00-18h00.)



Cabel — 2 Comments

  1. I recently tried a bottle of their Cognac XO… Amongst the very best I have sampled in the last 5 years.
    I can’t wait till I get my next bottle.. Cheers David Cannon !

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