Domaine des Roussets, brand owned by Richard, bouilleur de Cru in Mortiers (fins bois)

[No to be confused with the Richard Delisle distillery in Bourg-Charente, nor with Gyl Richard in Echebrune, petite champagne]

The Richard family has been growing wine on the Domain des Roussets for several generations and has 25 hectares in the Fins bois region. They distill themselves.

The current owner is called Michel Richard. The name of the label has always been Michel Richard, but the name Domaine des Roussets has been prominently featured on the bottles lately.

Range (fins bois): VS, VSOP, XO. (not working anymore)
Address: Domaine des Roussets, Chez Rousset, 17500 Mortiers. Telephone: 0546 700227; mob.: 06 89355429. (Visitors are welcome by appointment).


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