Prulho, cognac producer in Merpins.

Robert Prulho first learnt the trade of boilermaker, but because of his passion for cognac, he started a company building stills, Chalvignac Prulho Distillation, in 1948.
In 1981, his son Richard joined him in the business. With their knowledge of the alambics, they also began to master the process of distillation.
In 2005, they founded the Compagnie Française des Spiritueux, of which Prulho is the director. Besides Prulho, they also make Eugène Duparc cognac and some other products (brandy, liqueur, pineau).
They have since sold the distillery company.

Prulho range:
Impertinence (blends): VS, VSOP, XO.
Eclat (fine champagne): VSOP, XO, Extra
Voyage (grande champagne): Hors d’Age.
Secret (grande champagne): Désir, Tentation

Eugène Duparc range (blends): VS, VSOP, XO.

Prulho   CFS   Duparc
Eugène Duparc:
Address, 12 rue de la Gargousse, Parc de l’Alambic, Merpins, 16100 Cognac. Telephone: 0545 326200. (No information about visiting possibilities).
Telephone CFS: 0545 823036.


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