Beatrice Petit (Guiet-Petit), bouilleur de Cru in Verrières (grande champagne)

[not to be confused with André Petit in Berneuil, fins bois]

The company was founded in 1850 by Jean Guiet. He was followed by Frederic Guiet, René Guiet and Daniel Guiet. Daniel Guiet is the father of the current owner, Béatrice Petit, who took charge in 1981. The brand changes its name from Guiet to Guiet-Petit.
Today they call themselves Beatrice Petit, but GP is still seen on the label.
The history that follows is somewhat vague, but Béatrice’s daughter, Angelique, becomes the 6th generation to run the company with her mother. More and more land is also gradually bought.

The company is called EARL Le Châtelet, named after its address.

The brands they produce and sell are Guiet, Guiet-Petit and Beatrice Petit. They also have truffles that they search for themselves.

They now own 28 hectares of vineyard, planted with ugni blanc. Apart from selling their own bottles, they also have contracts with Rémy Martin, Martell, Hennessy and Unicoop.

Gamma (grande champagne): Cognac Apéritif, VSOP, Napoleon, Héritage, XO, XO Impérial, Hors d’age.
Address: Le Châtelet, 16130 Verrières. Telephone: 0545 830247. (Visits: open every day from 8am to 7pm)


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