Olivier Tébily (OT), bouilleur de Cru in Salles d’Angles (grande champagne)

Olivier Tébily is an Ivorian professional football player who has played in France and England. Early in his career, he thought about his future in case his professional career didn’t go well and bought land in Charente.
When he had to stop playing he bought more vineyards and now owns 22 hectares in the grande champagne and is determined to become the first African cognac producer.
He is mentored by Jean Michel Lepine from whom he bought the land.He sells most of his harvest to the larger houses and bottles a small part himself.

Range (grande champagne): VS, VSOP, XO, Très Vieux.

Address: Les Lamberts, 11 rue jean Lamoureux 16130 Salles-d’Angles; telephone: 0545 810584. (No information about visiting possibilities is known.)


Olivier Tébily — 2 Comments

  1. Bonjour grand frère Olivier,je suis de la côte d’ivoire et je souhaiterais rentrer en contact avec vous

    • This is a web page about Olivier Tébily, but not owned by him. I (Ton) made this page. If you like to get in contact with Olivier Tébily, please try his contact information that you can find on his website or the telephone number that you can find on this page (above).
      Kind regards,

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