Raison Personelle, brand of Bertrand de Witasse, bouilleur de Cru in Angeac-Champagne (grande champagne)

Bertrand de Witasse took the plunge in 1995 and moved from Paris to Charente to continue the business of his uncle Yves Renaud, who had no successor. The Renaud family company was founded at the beginning of the 19th century. The name of the company is still S.C.E.A. Renaud Champ de Contre. Bertrand and Sabine de Witasse own 20 hectares of vineyards in the grande champagne. They also distill themselves. Most of their proceeds are sold to Rémy Martin and Hennessy with whom they have contracts.

Range (grande champagne): XO 1.1, XO 2.1, XO 2.2, XO 3.0 and XO 3.1

Address: 137 Rue des Porches, 16130 Angeac Champagne. Telephone: 0545 362855; mob: 06 84855697. (Visits are possible by appointment).
(At the BNIC, the address is: 40 Rue Joseph Pataa, 16100 Cognac. Here the company S.C.E.A. Renaud de Champ Contre is also officially registered. But this is not the visiting address)


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