De Laage

Created by Théophile De Laage de Meux in 1856 in Cognac. He had a distillery in Rue d’Isly. By the end of the century, he was represented in many European cities. He also won many prizes with his good quality cognacs.

He set up a second distillery in Saint Savinien in 1875. He went there to live in the Chateau de Forgettes. He sold the distillery in Cognac in 1885 to Auboyneau who later sold it to Rémy Martin.

De Laage later became De Laage Fils & Co.

[P. De Laage lived in the Bordeaux region in Libourne at Chateau de Sales. He established his trading company in Libourne in 1830. Paul Marie Joseph De Laage de Meux is indeed related to Theophile De Laage de Meux, the resemblance of the emblem shows that, but it is a different firm, a trading company. Possibly, his cognacs (P. De Laage & Co.) were purchased from his family in Saint Savinien…]


In 1976, De Laage was sold to Gemaco, which is part of the Belvedère Group.

P. de Laage (not De Laage & Fils) 

Trademarks owned by De Laage:

  • Faucon d’Or (is still manufactured by Gemaco, Belverère Group)
  • De Larègle
  • A. Bonniot & Co.
  • Charchy & Co.
  • Ramos Roel & Co.
  • Virgilio Dall’Orso & Co.
  • J.E. Naranjo
  • Ed. de Pourville
  • J. Sala & Co.
  • Albert Ellies & Co.
  • P. Sainte Marie
  • A.C. le Quellec
  • Bolivar
  • Broggi Hermanos
  • Sal y Rosas y Ca.
  • La Chalaca, Basso .H.Y.Piaggio
  • Basso Hnos.Y.Piaggio
  • General Importers Association
  • Vineyards Cultivator’s Society (G.A. Charchy)
  • Cognac Trading Association










De Laage — 7 Comments

    • That is difficult to say. The Laage had a good name, but these days the name is somewhat forgotten.
      But old bottles that have aged for 50 years are in demand. So if the filling level is good and the cork is not affected, it could fetch a fair amount at auction.
      I would estimate €200-300 but lately prices are going through the roof.

    • Bonjour, je suis intéressé pour acheter votre bouteille. Je suis l’un des descendant du personnel qui travaillait dans l’usine de Laage à Saint Savinien… je voudrais vraiment votre flacon en guise de souvenir de mes grands-parents.
      En vous remerciant

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