Moullon, trademark of CCG (Meukow)

In 1852, brothers Lucien and Sylvestre Moullon founded their grande champagne company in the town of Cognac. They were located in the small street La Traversière. They succeeded in making Moullon a big brand, which was well regarded. At the time of the Phylloxera crisis, Sylvestre Moullon did important work in the Vitis Parc he created in the Borderies, near Cherves-de-Richemont.
When first Lucien died and then Sylvestre took up an office (president of the chamber of commerce in Cognac), the company passed at the end of the 19th century (probably in the 1980s) to Auguste Chagnaud, who kept the name Moullon.

The last notice I have been able to find of Chagnaud dates from 1921. I have also not been able to find out when the company came into the hands of Meukow (of the CCG group), but that is many years ago and in any case before 1990.

Under the label Moullon, Meukow released for a long time only a grande champagne (brute), without any further age indication and with a very light colour. According to connoisseurs, it has been matured in old wood, so that little colour is released by the wood, and the cognac used is eight years old or older.

Nowadays, a VS and a VSOP are also released.

In het verleden onder meer: 1e Grande Cru, Casque d’Or, Napoleon, Napoleon Imperial, VSOP Louis XII 20 ans, VO, Aigle Extra, Extra Rare, Sans Age, Très Vieille Réserve Extra.

Moullon does not have its own website. For more information, please refer to Meukow.


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