Zelia, cognac producer in Salles d’Angles.

Around 2013, Frédéric and Christina Dulin, he a former air force pilot and she an employee in the pharmaceutical industry, decided to follow their hearts. They bought a cognac estate in Salles d’Angles, along with 5 hectares of vineyards in the grande champagne, a distillery and storage areas (chais). The previous owners had sold their cognacs all those years to the big cognac houses, but this couple had more ambition and, in collaboration with Jean-Louis Braud, a consultant from Ségonzac, Christina bought cognacs from winegrowers in the area and assembled her own cognac, which also incorporates cognac from their own estate. This cognac, Zelia Diamant no. 58, contains 58 different grande champagne cognacs. It was released on the market at the end of 2013.

For now, the Zelia Diamant no. 58 is their only cognac. It’s not cheap, you should definitely count on more than 1,000 euros per bottle. But then you also have something. In Asia, it immediately won a medaille d’or.

Update January 2020: the Zelia website no longer exists; there is little current information about the brand.

http://www.cognaczelia.com/ (not active anymore)

Address: 3 chemin de Saint Martin, 16130 Salles d’Angles. Telephone: 0545 821857. (No information available about visiting possibilities).


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