Galard-Bonnefoy, cognac producer in Triac-Lautrait

It seems this company started private sales in 2017, but the Galard family has been producing winegrowers for 6 generations. In 1895 they started with 6 hectares. An alembic was installed in 1932.
It was called Galard & Fils, headed by Anthony Galard. Galard became Bonnefoy in 2017 and the current owner is Madame Mariette Isabelson Bonnefoy-Claudet.

Range: VS, VSOP, Napoleon, XO Elegance, XO Exclusif, XO Sixty Grande Champagne

Address: 46 Rue d’Angoulème, 16200 Triac-Lautrait. (no known information about visiting possibilities)


Galard-Bonnefoy — 3 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I talk to you to have informations about the cognac bottles.

    Were I can bought this one ?

    Waiting for your return,

    Kind regards,


    • Hi, Déborah
      We are in a partnership with Galard-Bonnefoy. We sell their cognac at our vineyard in Dordogne. If you go on our website,, you can contact us by phone or email and we will give you all the prices for the whole line of Galard-Bonnefoy cognacs.
      Best regards,
      Riki Campbell, Owner, Château de Fayolle

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