Vaudon, bouileur de Cru in Echallat (fins bois)

In 1771, François Gaborit gave his properties around Mérignac to Pierre Nalbert (son-in-law). He founded his company in 1811. From 1833 his son Denis took over. At the time, they still owned a 396 liter wood-fired pot.
In the 20th century the estate continued to grow under Pierre Mousset. In 1973 he installed his first 25 hectolitre alambic. The second was installed by his son-in-law Bernard Vaudon, who was married to Anne Marie Mousset and who combined the efforts of two winegrowing families.
When Anne Marie Vaudon, born Anne-Marie Tardif, married into the family, she brought grande champagne vineyards with her. Now the company was a multi-cru cognac firm.

In 2018 Pierre Vaudon took over Voyer, for whom he had been a Maître de chai for may years.

Range: VS (blend), Fine Rare, VSOP (blend), XO (blend), XO (fins bois), Extra (fins bois), 1996 (fins bois) (No website, just Facebook)
Address: 23 Rue du Marronnier, Echallat, telephone: 0545 908163 (no information known about visiting possibilities.)



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