Grande Croix Mougne, brand of Moyet-Migaud, bouilleur de Cru in Nercillac (fins bois)

Marie-Christine and Alain Moyet-Migaud are the owners of this domain. The family has been based here since the 18th century. Marie-Christine is of the 7th generation. They own 27 hectares in the fins bois and have their own alembic.

Range (fins bois): Spécial Long Drink, VSOP, Napoléon and XO.

They also used to release cognac under the Claude Moyet label, including a Flamme d’Or. The name has undoubtedly been changed to avoid confusion with the trademark of the Moyet trading house.

(Update Jan 2023: the company may have stopped; see message below.)
Address: 376 Route de Montour, 16200 Nercillac. Telephone: 0545 808862; mob.: 06 09890892. (Visitors are welcome).


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