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I have taken an interest in cognac for quite a few years now. I am what the French would call ‘un amateur de cognac’. In these past years I have gathered a lot of information about the subject that I want to share with you. I considered writing a book, but the market is just too small.
I have not only gained my knowledge by reading about cognac – a lot of reading – but also by visiting the region and by tasting many different cognacs at home, in restaurants and at tastings.

I have tried to build the menu with a logical structure so that it is easy for everyone to find what he or she is looking for. I hope that you will find your answers as well and if not, do not hesitate to send me a message.

Ton Hendriks


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve found this bottle, and i tried to find information about it but i just couldn’t.
    Can you give me any info about it?


    • Hello Luka,

      I can’t tell you much about this bottle. I have seen the brand before, but the producer has not yet been tracked down. It is probably made for a distributor somewhere outside the cognac district, around Bergerac. BP is the boîte postal (post office box). You can tell they try very hard not to be traced. It is a realively new brand name that has just started to pop up.
      The name ‘grand sud domaines’ could refer to the area where the vineyards are located, but I don’t know where they are. I only know ´Grands Domaines´, a brand made by ABK6, but it is not very likely that this one was made by ABK6.


  2. Hi There Ton, I just bought an early Hennessy hip flask in a charity shop this morning and thought you might like to see it. An amazing survivor I think with labels front and back. Nicely engraved on the cup too. Its 14.3 cm tall. I imagine the original cork………..would you have any idea of its age?? I know nothing about this sort of thing (though I like a glass of armagnac or cognac now and then!!!) but I would guess maybe 1920s??? Do you think it is rare/has any value???

    All the best – amazing website!!!! Jerry Davies (Sweden)

    • Hi,

      This looks like this bottle, which is on the Hennessy page for miniatures, last row of section 1. It was said to be estimated 8cl, but if it is 14.3cm it ‘s more likely to be 15cl…
      I was not be able to date this then and I am not much the wiser now, but pre WW-II is plausible. These are rare, so difficult to put an estamation on it. Probably around €50 but I would not be surprised if it goes for €100 on an auction if in good condition and a good filling level.
      I would love to have a better picture of it to put on my catalog page. I will send an e-mail to facilitate sending a better quality picture.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Ton,

    I have acquired an empty miniature that I couldn’t see in your pictures, or find mention of in you other pages.
    Producer is G.BESSON, JARNAC, FRANCE,
    imported into Great Britain by G.W.THOMAN LTD., LONDON. I have seen one other example here – http://www.myminibottles.co.uk/generalfulldetails.asp?number=10144

    I attach a photograph of my example.

    I simply hope it is of interest to you and helps your research.

    Kind regards,


    • Hello Paul,

      Sorry for the very late reply. I overlooked this message.
      I had seen one other bottle of G. Besson before, but I did not know he was based in Jarnac. So thank you for that. I searched the net again today and found another
      miniature with the date of establishment on it: 1848. That’s all I have.


  4. Ton – Thank you for taking the time to create such a great resource. I’ve a bottle of a ~60s era Martell VSEP that I don’t see represented in your pictures.

    Thanks again!


    • Hello Scott,

      Indeed, I do not have this one.
      Is it possible to send me a photo in a bigger format?
      I’ll e-mail you.


  5. Hello Ton!

    What a wonderful website! I have started collecting spirit bottles (empty) on the theme of “old or well travelled”. A springcap Martell pale flask has appeared on ebay that I am interested in (not pristine but there is a story in its age and wear for me). I believe I have matched it up to one in your photo collection to coming from the mid 1950’s onwards (possibly to 1967). I wondered whether you might be able to close the date in a little more from the picture I attach?

    Yours hopefully

    Paul Gosling

    • Hello Paul,

      Thanks for the compliments.
      Your question is a difficult one to answer because these types of bottles seem to have been produced for al long time span. From 1929 till 1967. At some time they stopped with the metal flask holder but I can’t tell you when.

      The claims of dates on the internet (for instance from auctioneer sites) are very often best guesses.


  6. Hello. I am looking for a buyer of Cognac Bache Gabrielsen Le sein De Dieu. Do you know anyone how could be interested? Will be grateful for information.

    Best regards
    Mariusz Zaprawa

    • Sorry, this is not a buy or selling website. You have to find an auction site. Maybe Catawiki or whisky auctioneer?

  7. Have just discovered your wealth if knowledge, quite amazing and tremendous source of information, thanks for the dedication to this.

    I did find my bottle there but not quite as it says and I wanted to check in case I shouldn’t open the bottle. Photo attached, this is probably quite new but the 70 proof I find strange, no doubt bottled for the US market but can you assist with its age and potential value.

    • Hi,

      Indeed, the bottle is a little different from the ones that are on my page. What is the content, I can not decipher it?
      This is a 1960s bottle. 70 Proof is made for the UK market and means it is 40°Alc. On auctions you can expect €60-80 for it. There are online sites that try to sell it for much more, but they wait for months and months and even then they are not easily sold.
      Could you send me a somewhat better photo, so I can read the content and put the bottle up on my page?
      Thanks in advance,

  8. Hello Ton,
    I am not sure if you are able to help me, hope so.
    I recently returned from a small island in the Atlantic where one of my sons found a perfectly intact old bottle (empty) of Martell & Co Cognac France, with the numbers 13 S 7 on the underneath of the bottle.
    We had some fun imagining the journey and age of the bottle and hoping you might be able to help on the age, so I attach some photo’s of it.
    Any clues or help would be extremely appreciated and help complete our journey.
    many thanks,

  9. Hi

    I recently came across a case of cognac. I can’t find any information about it. I was hoping you might be able to help me.
    I am attaching a picture of the bottle.
    Thank you

    • Very interesting bottle from a time VSOP and Napoléon was sometimes used both on a bottle. I have not seen this one before. It is US import, I would guess from the 1950s, maybe 1960s. It’s worth depends on how many people are willing to bid. Intrinsic value would be around €50, but people are sometimes willing to bid up to €100. Some online shops think they can ask even more…
      I would love to have a picture of the whole bottle.


  10. Dear Ton Hendriks,
    The Alimentarium, Food and Nutrition Museum, in Vevey, in Switzerland, is preparing its new temporary exhibition which opens 27th May 2019.
    The exhibition will be dedicated to wine and alcoholic drinks.
    We will exhibit some blow-moulded bottles. In this context, we would be interested in showing this picture : https://cognac-ton.nl/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2017/05/glass-blowers-cheeks.jpg
    Would you authorize us to use it in our museum ? If yes, could you send to me the picture in HD ?

    If you need more information, please let me know.
    You can as well visit our website http://www.alimen tarium.org/en

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Aude Reymond

    Aude Reymond I Documentation & Archives
    T +41 (0)21 924 23 72
    aude.reymond@alimentarium.org | http://www.alimentarium.org

  11. Greetings Ton.

    I have a bottle (750ml) of D Du Vernon My Lady Cognac.
    I was wondering how much it is worth.

    • I donot know their prices, but the My Lady cognac of Distillerie du Veron is their youngest cognac, so probably anywhere between €25 and €40. It is not very in demand.

  12. Dear Ton,

    My name is Diego and I work for Speciality Drinks and The Whisky Exchange.
    I’ve been a huge fan and constantly use your amazing website for more than a year now.
    We organise the “Cognac Show” in London at the end of April. This is the Second edition of this great show.
    If you could contact me via email please do as I would love to invite as my guest to the event if you are available. Let me know

    Very best

  13. Hi Ton,

    Years ago after comprehensive analysis I made final determination to collect some certain Cognac brands as there are nealy 200 of them out there.

    My all of which include: The Big Four, A.E.Dor, Croizet, Delamain, Hine, Gautier, Landy and Louis Royer, in stardard 700ml bottles.

    I searched and checked many websites regarding Cognac collection and knowledge but I have to say, yours is my ultimate favorite website so I can delete others and stop searching others.

    But the “worst” thing is that, I don’t know whether I still keep my hobby in Cognac collecting or just give it up because if you are on a cruising airplane at 10000 meters high while I am looking up at you on the roof of an 80 meters building on the ground. Even when I am satisfied with my Delamain collection and think I am almost there but still, your 10000 meters vs. my 300 meters.

    What to do then? Alright, it’s lunchtime man’s gotta eat.

    Murphy de la Sucre

    • Hi Murphy,

      Nice words, thanks a lot. I hope I did not spoil your appetite in collecting bottles. From my point of view, collecting bottles is more interesting and worthy than making a catalogue of pictures. But like stamp collectors need a catalogue for their stamps, I thought maybe cognac collectors too would find it helpful.
      You wrote that there are nearly 200 brands. There are a lot more. Take a look on the Dutch part to find more names: https://cognac-ton.nl/merken-en-producenten/merken-op-alfabeth/bestaande-merken/.
      And in the tables I have even more names, but these are partly very unknown or obscure and partly brands that do not exist any more.
      But if I may, I would encourage you to carry on with your collection. Since cognacs are getting more expensive every month now, and old cognacs even more so, it could be a good investment. Maybe you have heard of Bay van der Bunt of Oldliquours? His collection is estimated on €1.000.000,-!

      Good luck,

      • Do you have e-mail maybe to make some contact.

        I was wondering why not for you to write a book but as you said, the market is small, really? Even in Europe the Cognac collecting is a limited hobby? Lukily there are some fans in the U.S. and Asia (mainly China and Japan). There are only two editions of directory-style Cognac books so far as I know, but they might only reach 6% of your work.

  14. Dear Ton!
    I am happy to find and explore your incredible site, because I have the same passion and prepare now the similar site in Russian (may be, in English too, but, after your brilliant work I can add not too much)). I have some photos of cognacs, which are missed here and will be happy to share them with you. How can I wright or talk to you?
    Best regards,
    Vadim Ushakov

  15. Hi Ton,
    I love your page about cognac. I have found everything I needed to educated myself. Thank you very much for your passion for this unique spirit.

    I have only one question if you know how it was with cognac region and cellars during the second world war? Was it bomed? I have heard the black roofs from the Angel’s share helped to not be demolished. Is it true?

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    • Sorry for my very late reaction. I was a few days on holiday in France.
      Thanks for the compliments.
      Unfortunately I have no information on this particular subject. I have read about it but can not remember who wrote it (may have been Cyril Ray…?).
      The Germans have confiscated a lot of cognacs during the war, that I do know. And the French people did everything they could to hide their stocks.
      But that is all I have got.


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