Engrand Frères (Emile Engrand)

Angoulême based firm, established in 1863, probably by Emile Engrand’s father, Étienne Eugène Gustave Engrand (1841-1891), together with one of his uncles.
Émile Legrand (Georges Paul Étienne Émile 1867-1930) was the only successor of Engrand Frères and renamed it Emile Engrand.
In 1957 Engrand merges with Sazerac de Forge, also a firm in Angoulême
In 1970 Engrand Sazerac de Forge is bought by Edgard Leyrat.
In 2003 Abécassis (ABK6) takes over Leyrat. Leyrat is still an active brand, now produced by ABK6.

The name of Emile Engrand (or Engrand Frères) lives on because of some very fine vintages they have made. Known vintages are: 1820, 1846, 1848, 1858 and 1870. But they are difficult to find.

On this bottle it says: maison etablié 1833.  This should be 1863.  Or did they have to start over in 1863?  

Some other brands that were in possession of Emile Engrand are:

  • Boilevin
  • Chaloupin
  • Magnier
  • Saint Cirq
  • Ducasse




Engrand Frères — 2 Comments

  1. Au décès de mon Père en 1985, nous avons trouvé en débarrassant sa cave une vieille bouteille de Cognac. Sur l’étiquette il est indiqué ;”Emile ENGRAND, Grande Fine Champagne, XO, 1846 et bas la signature d’Emile ENGRAND”. Nous l’avons ouverte par curiosité et son contenu ne nous a pas déçu. Nous n’en consommons qu’en de très rares occasions. Etant l’ainé de la Famille, j’en ai héritée…il en reste encore un peu dans la bouteille.

    • Good to hear that you enjoy this very old en very good cognac. This was not a cheap bottle when it was bought and nowadays people pay a lot of money to get their hands on such an old bottle.

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