Matuschka Greiffenclau, merchant in Saint-Eugène (petite champagne)

You could also call Matuschka Greiffenclau a bouilleur de Cru, as he makes his petite champagnes from his own grapes, but he also sells wine and champagne. At the turn of the century, Markus Matuschka Greiffenclau started wine making in Charente.

Markus Matuschka von Greiffenclau is a count from a wealthy German family, the Greiffenclau’s, with a pedigree dating back to the 8th century. This family has been growing wine since the late 8th century, but the first evidence of this in writing dates back to 1211. The terms Spätlese and Kabinett are also said to have been coined by this family.
They now own 14 hectares of chalky land in the petite champagne area planted with Ugni blanc and a portion of Colombard. With their centuries of knowledge of the wine-making process, they strive to produce high quality cognacs. They also distill the wine themselves.

Range (petite champagne): Grande Réserve Cognac, 2000 Vintage Cognac. Both are made from 70% Ugni Blanc and 30% Colombard
Address: 28 Allée de chez Baudry, 17520 Saint Eugène. Telephone: 05 46487299. (no information available on the possibilities to visit).


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