Brands of the past — 2 Comments

  1. Hi a friend of mine is kind of cleaning the cellar and I found this bottle and I would like to know how old might be and eventually the price …

    thanks a lot

    • Hi Javier,

      Sadly very little is known today about Geo Sayer & Co. They were established in 1853 in the city of Cognac. The brand name is now in possession of Gaston de Lagrange (so essentialy Martini & Rossi) and is not used anymore. The best estimate is that the bottle was made in the early 1970s, judging by the label and especially by the capsule .
      It is a rather unknown brand and there are no people around collecting this brand. It is also the lowest quality (three stars)and the level of filling is low. So I woud not expect much worth, probably around 40-60 euros.
      My advice: drink it. It won’t be too bad.


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