Louis Edmond Boutelleau started his company in Barbezieux in 1849 where they were well known and successful for more than a century. they hadwaar zij gedurende meer dan een eeuw zeer bekend en succesvol waren. Their full name was Union des propriétaires de Vignobles Boutelleau et Cie.

A distillery and storehouses were built on Rue Sadi Carnot no. 18 in Barbezieux. Around 1922 the company had become a limited partnership with a capital of 2 miljoen francs. The shareholders were predominantly winemakers.

At their peak they had eight alambics of 10hl and three of 30hl.

Production was stopped in 1980. The company was sold to Tiffon including brand name and supplies. For some time Tiffon has bottled and sold the old stocks under the name Boutelleau, probably until early 1990s. They can be recognized by the fact that there is Jarnac in the addres instead of Barbezieux.

An interesting piece of information is that this Boutelleau is family of Jacques Chardonne, the writer. Jacques Chardonne was the nom de plume of Jacques Boutelleau. From 1921 to 1959 he was with Maurice Delamain also director of publishing house Éditions Stock. The Delamains and Boutelleau’s were friends from childhood.

Other brand names produced by Boutelleau:

  • Clairval
  • Jules Lennox & Co.
  • Jules Martin
  • Monaco
  • Monville
  • Richard Panelle
  • Jean Pierart & Co.
  • Francis Beaufort
  • Boman & Co.



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