Find your bottle or brand

On this site, there are multiple ways to search for a name or trademark

1. Search via the menu structure
2. Search via search boxes and control-F
3. Search in bottle catalogue pages

1. Search via the menu structure

Existing names:

Brands that still exist or have only been discontinued for a small number of decades can mostly be found on the brands page: Here are all the names to which a more or less detailed description is devoted. Below this list are a further large number of names for which only an address, telephone number or sometimes a picture is included. All these names can also be found in the tables (see below).

Disappeared brands:

For brands that have disappeared for some time, you can search the tables (see below) or search at disappeared brands The vanished brands page only lists better-known brand names, which have descriptions and often include examples of bottles.


The tables include all names that exist or once existed and for which traces could still be found. Often only a mention of the brand still exists in a book or a label has been found on the Internet. The tables also include a source indication of where the name was found.

Where a new owner is listed after a brand name, a date is also often given. This is the oldest date found of the trademark as owned by the new owner. So it is not necessarily the date of acquisition.

Sometimes a deed is listed with a date. This is then the oldest deed found. The mark could certainly be from much earlier.

The tables include all bouilleurs de Cru, firms and other producers and all vanished brands (names of the past).

2. Search via search boxes and control-F

On almost every page, there is a search box under the flags, top right. When you enter a search term here, it searches the whole site, but only the English part or the Dutch part, depending on where you are at the time. You can see this in the address line. If the address line starts with then you are on the English part. When the addition ‘en’ is absent, you are on the Dutch part.

It may therefore make sense to go to the other part of the site via the flag and type in the search term again.

When you are searching in a table, there is also a search box at the top right of the table. This search box only searches the table you are currently in.

Of course, you can also use the control-F function to search, but then you only search for a term on the page and not in the whole table. And the table is usually longer than one page.

3. Search in bottle catalogue pages

I have created bottle catalogues of some well-known brands that have a certain appeal among collectors. You will find these under the menu item “bottles” and then “bottle catalogs”. A drop-down menu then appears with some very well-known brands. The last drop-down item is “more bottle catalogs”, which takes you to several more catalog pages of smaller brands ( For some major brands, I had to divide the catalog into standard bottles, limited editions and miniatures and magnums.


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    • I am sorry, but I don’t have a register with serial numbers.
      If you have a question, please post a photo. But VS bottles are not very interesting, price-wise.

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