Pasquinet, brand of the Ricard family, producer and bouilleur de Cru in Juillac le Coq (grande champagne)

Patrick Ricard owns the Euro-Negoce company, which, in addition to several cognac brands, also sells brandy, whisky and vodka. The main cognac brands they make, are Pasquinet and Foucaudat. Foucaudat is a grande champagne, produced entirely on their own estate and made from grapes from their own vineyard. The other cognac brands are mostly blends.
The name Foucaudat is after their address. I do not know where the name Pasquinet (Veuve R. Pasquinet) comes from.
The family business, started by Jean Ricard at the beginning of the 20th century, started producing cognac in the 1950s. They own 11 hectares of grande champagne and have 3 alembics.
In addition, some other brands of cognac are also produced.

  • Range Veuve Pasquinet: VS, VSOP, VSOP Fine Champagne, XO, XO Royal, XO Grande Champagne, XO Royal Grande Champagne.
  • Range Foucaudat (grande champagne): XO Hors d’Age
  • Range Grand Bouquet: VSOP (blend), XO Extra Grande Champagne
  • Range Gold Tiger: XO and XO Extra (blend)
  • Range Saint Gefu: XO Extra (probably a blend)
  • The Hermitage 1928 is also produced on the Domaine de Foucaudat (almost no longer for sale).

Other brands that have been made in the past and are owned by the Ricard family are:

  • Balino
  • Baron de Moerner
  • Paul Pesquier
  • Samocante

Address: Le Foucaudat – 16130 Juillac Le Coq. Telephone: 0545 830900. (No information is known about possibilities to visit).


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