Domaine Roy-Delalande, bouilleur de Cru in Verrières (grande champagne)

[Not to be confused with Roy Louis, a house brand of Gall & Gall; nor with Jean-Louis Roy in Sonneville, fins bois].

The estate dates back to the 15th century. From 1742, eau-de-vie has been produced. Today, it is the 9th generation. Since the 8th generation, cognac has been produced under the Jean Claude Roy label. They started this in 1972.

Since 1994 the current owners are Valérie Delalande and Jean-Emmanuel Roy. They are currently called Roy-Delalande. Their daughters Elisa and Eva work in the company.
They distil themselves.

Range (grande champagne): Fleur de Vigne (4jr), Flamme de l’Homandie (8jr), Age d’Or (15jr), Royale Extra (30jr).

Attention: two addresses are mentioned:

  1. Le Maine Verret, 16130 Verrières. Telephone: 0545 830411. This address is mentioned on their own site and in Verrières there is a signpost pointing to Le Maine Verret.
  2. La Prévoute, 16130 Verrières. Telephone: 0545 830411. This address is mentioned on a number of general address sites and is also on Google Maps. The telephone numbers are the same.

The address Le Maine Verret is also the address of François Voyer. I suspect that they are neighbours. On the map with cognac producers I have put Roy in La Prevoute, but probably it is more convenient to go to Le maine Verret near Voyer!
I did not find any information about visiting possibilities.


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