Le Maine Laure, brand of Sauvaitre, bouilleur de Cru in La Tâtre

The Sauvaitre family has its vineyards, 80 hectares, on the border where the petite champagne, fins bois and bons bois meet, in Tâtre. The company used to be called – when it was still owned by Robert Sauvaitre – Vignobles Destreilles. Today Isabelle and Olivier Sauvaitre are the owners. The name of their products is Le Maine Laure, which is the name of the road they are on.
There is no indication of which cru their cognac is from, so very probably they are blends of the three cru’s where they have vineyards: petite champagne, fins bois and bons bois.

Range: ***, VSOP, Napoléon, Vieux.

Other brand names: Vignobles Destreilles and Delmonteil.

https://www.keldelice.com/producteurs/le-maine-laure (no own website)
Address: Le Tâtre, Lieu dit Le Maine Laure, 16300 Barbezieux. Telephone: 0545 785414. (Open for visits from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 6 pm.)


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  1. hello, I have a mignonette that I would like to know more about, eg, age and value. It is a small ceramic car with Robert Sauvaitre on the label. Are you able to assist me? Merci beaucoup.

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