Gautier, Guy

  • Established in 1697.
  • Bought by Bénédictine somewhere in the nineteensixties or -seventies.
  • Sold to Hine, around 1982.


Gautier was previously known as H. Dyke Gautier & Dupuy.
This later became: H. Dyke Gautier & Fils (ca. 1905)
Then: Guy Gautier & Co. (ca. 1912)

Guy Gautier used the brand names: Guy Gautier, Christian and H. Dyke Gautier.
H. Dyke Gautier was also successor of Arbouin, Marett & Co.

Guy Gautier is also remembered because of the Hospice dit Asile Guy Gautier that was donated in the 1880s to the city of Cognac by a descendant of Guy Gautier, Elysée Mousnier.


Guy Gautier used the crest with three little trees on it.
H. Dyke Gautier used a lion with something that resembles the barrel of a canon.

Logo guy gautierLogo h. dyke gautier

Do not confuse this Gautier with Gautier Frères (Gautier SA) in Aigre.
Nor with Joseph Gautier in Cognac.

45 years old (before 1940)      


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