Old brand name of which occasionally bottles still appear at auction. It was produced until about the eighties of the last century.
The brand was sold to Gaston de Lagrange, which is a subsidiary of Otard.

They had beautiful labels that can be seen on the Paul Ronne website.

  • 1850 Date of establishment of N. Barriasson & Co. in Cognac.
  • 1898 Marchand, Lecoq & Co. continue the Barrriasson brand and retain the Barriasson brand name.
  • 1984 Stop of the distillery activities on Rue de Pons 89 in Cognac.
  • ?   Otard buys Barriasson through its Gaston de Lagrange brand.
  • 1991 Martini Rossi buys the Otard brand.
  • 1992 Baccardi buys Martini Rossi.


Other brand names that belonged to Barriasson:

  • Gréville
  • De Valle, P.
  • Floquet
  • Paul Frères
  • Soulié




Barriasson — 1 Comment

  1. I just opened a Gaston de Lagrange 3 stars bottled around late 1960s.. I’m surprised the cork did not break but its not tight. On the nose the spirit reminds me of butter scott candy but a little on the stale side so I’m not a fan of the smell. On the pallet its intense, very old woody with some burns and long after taste that last well over a minute. I won’t call this refine, its quite crude,I won’t recommend it to anyone new to cognac but season drinker who might be able to appreciate it.

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