The Albert Robin firm was established in 1860 in Salles d´Angles. Not much is known about this firm. You can come across some posters of Albert Robin on the Internet, one of which became the logo of the firm. It was designed by Leonetto Capiello, a early twentieth century artist who has become famous for his poster designs.

Around the turn of the century they held office in the city of Cognac at the Boulevard de Javrezac. What happened with this brand is a bit in the darks. According to brand registration information, the brand is acquired by the famous cognac house Prunier, who has indeed produced Albert Robin cognacs for a substantial amount of time.

From the archives in Cognac we learn that Albert Robin merged for only a few years with Klung. The brand name did not change, but the company’s name became Albert Robin & Klung from around 1907 till 1910.
After 1910 we see other people sign the registration papers: Marcel Maurin (1910), Gerhard Reichel (1912), Louis Raison (conservateur des hypotheques a Cognac, 1921-22), Marcel Maurin again (1927), Henri Lemaistre (1930).
1944 Sees the first appearance of Henri Charrier as the director of Albert Robin & Co. and in 1947 Jean Charrier.
Their siege was 1 Rue Marc Marchadier in Cognac.
The first indication of Prunier as owner of the brand comes from a registration in 1950 with the owner’s name ‘Maison Albert Robin ‘S.A.R.L.’ and the address 30 Rue Leonce Laval in Cognac, which is the address of Prunier.

Other information learns that Albert Robin was (re-?)established in 1957 by Bruno Charrier. He is also owner of the charming little Chateau de la Morinerie in Ecurat, near Saintes. According to the still existing website of Albert Robin – that sadly enough is not being kept up-to-date – the Charrier family also owns the brands Jacquet, Robertin and Lancier. (update 2022: this website is no longer accessible).



Two fairly recent bottles, probably produced for the Asian market:


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  1. Thanks for your information and the pingback. But I can´t find the company photo you are referring to.

  2. In the early 20th century B.Grimm & Co was a distributor or purveyor of Cognac Albert Rodin in Siam, which later changed to Thailand
    Adolf Link, proprietor, is seen in one of the company photos behind a sign of the cognac

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