[Not to be confused with Jean-Claude Briand in St. Yrieix sur Charente, nor with Gaston Briand whose name is associated with the Marcel Ragnaud brand.]

Bottles of the Briand brand still pop up regularly. Briand used to be an important brand. They owned several properties in the city of Cognac.

  • Established in 1835 by Georges Briand (†1922)
  • Around 1870 he associated wirh Edgard Boutillier (†1918)
  • From around 1870 they trade under the name Boutillier, Briand & Cie. The Briand brand continues to exist.
  • In 1920 Georges Briand withdrew from the business and Jean Briand inherited his shares. Jean Boutillier continues the company, together with a new partner: Robert de Laurière.
  • In 1922 the company changed the name of the company to Boutillier et de Laurière, but the brand name Briand is retained.
  • In the sixties the company name became: De Laurière.
  • 1983: the company goes bankrupt and is bought by Jules Robin, who has been a branch of Martell since 1964.
  • Martell reorganizes in 1988 and a new branch is created: Augier, Robin, Briand subsidiary. The intention is to breathe new life into only the Augier and Jules Robin brands.

Brands that were owned by Briand:

  • Dugas
  • Hedouard
  • Jerôme
  • Martin

Update May 2023: some descendants of Boutillier have started afresh: Maison Boutillier.

1950s 1960s


1906 vintage Vieille fine champagne, 1865 1893


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