Pellisson (and Raynal)


  • 1834 Date of establishment in the city of Cognac. According to the website of Raynal, the date of establishment was 1876, but according to the municipal archives it was 1834. In 1876 they started the construction of warehouses on the Avenue Marechal Leclerc.
  • 1889 Pellisson opens Chateau Pellisson in Cognac
  • 1907 Capiello designs his famous poster.
  • 1973 Hennessy buys Pellisson
  • 1975 Pellisson acquires the brands Three Barrels (from Pinet-Castillon) and Raynal (founded in 1840 in Jarnac, acquired by Louis Saulnier  around 1891).
  • 1999 Hennessy selles Pellisson (together with the brands Raynal and Three Barrels); new owner: Patrice Quatravaux (of William Grant & Sons).
  • 2009 marks the end of the cognac production on Chateau Pellisson.


Three Barrels is mainly sold in the UK and Raynal in the USA (both are brandies). The Pellisson brand has since disappeared completely.
The Chateau de Pellisson on the Avenue Marechal Leclerc in Cognac, is nowadays owned by Bisquit.





Three Barrels:




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