Louis Eschenauer was a German wine merchant from Alsace, who started his business in Bordeaux in 1821. He bought outstanding Cognac in barrels from producers, to store them further and have them bottled only after a long aging period, sometimes 40 to 50 years. With his son Frédéric taking over the business, thanks to his excellent wine knowledge and tasting skills, Eschenauer & Co becomes the most important merchant on the Place de Bordeaux during the 1870’s. After Frédéric’s death in 1899, his sons continue the business. Eschenauer 19th century Cognacs were distributed worldwide well into the 1930’s.

Today Eschenauer is part of Grands Chais de France and they now only produce wines.

On the Internet you can still find some very old vintages. But be ware of fakes.

non-vintage non-vintage

aberrant bottle shape and capsule strange looking bottle  recapsuled?   est. 1830s est. 1930s, recapsuled? recapsuled   est. 1930s Bottled 1950s   1921, possibly a forgery. Strange capsule and the year seems to be printed in a different colour