Cognac de Montleau, bouilleur de cru in Mérignac (fins bois and borderies); also De Laurière.

Old cognac house, established mid-19th century. Their cognacs were much appreciated in the Parisian upper-class and the Russian court. After a long period where nothing was heard of this brand anymore, it has come into business again in the beginning of the 21th century.
Owner of Cognac de Montleau is Alexandre De Brou de Laurière, who is a descendant of the Montleau family, which is a branche of the very famous Rochefoucaud family; a family that has ties to the English royal family.

They are in possession of some 40 hectares of vineyard in the fins bois and borderies areas.

Range (fins bois and borderies blends): Réserve (VSOP, 15 years old), Héritage (XO), Impérial (Hors d’Age), 1970, Autour de 1942.

In addition, cognacs are also released under the name De Laurière.
Range: VS, VSOP, XO, Hors d’Age and Club XLII.
Address: 1 Rue du Chateau, Château de Villars, 16200 Mérignac. Tel. 0545 679163. (No known information available on visiting possibilities).


Montleau — 2 Comments

  1. Hello,
    I tried to join your addresses found on your site.
    No answers at that time even by phone. …
    Not very serious.

    • You are right, it is very difficult to get in touch with them. This is unfortunately, because their Hors d’Age is quite good. I was able to buy a bottle at the cognac expo (Cognac Discover) in the Netherlands.

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