Monnet, cognac firm in Cognac, now owned by Hine in Jarnac.


Distillerie (Distillerie d'Eau de Vie de Cognac) dite Maison de Commerce Société des Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac, Salignac et Cie

  • 1838  Before becoming Monnet, this was a firm established as a partnership of several independant winegrowers under the guidance of Pierre-Antoine de Salignac and was named Société des Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac (for more information on this, see Salignac). In English the company is named The United Vineyard Proprietors of Cognac.
  • 1897  After a clash between Salignac and Monnet, Louis de Salignac leaves the company to start his own firm (see Salignac). Jean Gabriel Monnet becomes the managing director of the Société des Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac.
  • Monnet21901 The name of the firm becomes J.G. Monnet when he succeeds in obtaining the majority of shares (some old labels are to be found which read: Société des Propriétaires Viticoles de Cognac sous la raison J.G. Monnet (autrefois Salignac & Cie.).
  • 1927  The famous Monnet poster designed by Cappiello is being published.
  • 1962 Jean Monnet sells his firm to the German company Scharlachberg.
  • 1983 Scandal in Germany: Monnet is said to have produced a VSOP Fine Champagne that did not comply with the age and quality requirements of having at least 51% Grande champagne and the remainder all Petite champagne).
  • 1987  Monnet is sold to Asbach & Co. in Rüdesheim.
  • 1991  Monnet is sold to Hennessy. Monnet is then stationed at Hine’s, that four years earlier (1987) had become property of LV-MH (Hennessy).
  • 2003  CL group Trinidad (CL World Brands; CL Financial Limited) buys Hine (and Monnet, which was housed at Hine’s).
  • 2013  Hine is sold to the Nicolas family, a major wine-merchant in France with subsidiaries in Belgium, England, Russia and Morocco.


Monnet is still being produced, its main markets being Asia, Russia and Scandinavia. The produce VS, VSOP en XO, all blends.

Logo: Salamander.

Brands owned by Monnet:

  •           Anjevine & Cie.
  •           Grand Maître
  •           Griffon
  •           Grillon
Address: (address of Hine) 16 Quai de l’Orangerie, 16200 Jarnac. Telephone: 0545 355959. (Visiting Hine is possible).