Baron de Chastelard, brand owned by Slaur Sardet, liquor firm in Le Havre

Site of Slaur Sardet in Le Havre

Slaur-Sardet was created in 2011 by a merger of Slaur with Sardet & Deribaucourt. These companies are part of the Martiniquaise group, but Slaur Sardet has a reasonable degree of independance within the group. Slaur itself was created in 1972 by a merger of several more than one hundred year old companies.
The Martiniquaise group was founded by Jean Cayard in 1934 and is still owned by the Cayard family. Since 1993, Bardinet has also been part of this group.

The two most important ccognac brands of the Martinique group are Charles Gabriel and Baron de Chastelard. Baron de Chastelard was once owned by Godet (source: Paczensky). They must have sold the name to Slaur-Sardet. The origin of the name Charles Gabriel is not known to me.
No further information is given about these cognacs, so presumably they will be blends.

Range Charles Gabriel: VS, VSOP, XO and XO 20yo.
Range Baron de Chastelard: VS.

Above: the Charles Gabriel and Baron the Chastelard emblems.

Other cognac brands owned by the Martiniquaise group:

  • Bertel
  • Courcel
Address: 495 Rue des Chantiers, 76600 Le Havre. Telephone: 0235 257070. (Not open for visit).


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