Tessendier, distillery in Cognac; brands: Park, Du Buisson, Campagnere and Grand Breuil

  • 1880 Tessendier is established
  • 2005 Tessendier starts to bottle their  own cognacs.
  • in 2009 Tessendier takes over Park. Park was a very young company, started in 1990 by Mr. Park.

In 1862 Gaston Tessendier herited the estate Domaine du Boisson. It was located in the borderies area. Great-grandfather Tessendier started to keep the vineyard, his son installed the distillery and the next generation perfected the proces of making quality cognacs.
The present owners, Jerome and Lilian Tessendier, began to bottle and sell their own products. They have created several brands, including three cognac brands. Together with the Park brand they now own four cognac brands.

The family still owns their vineyards in the borderies district at the estate Domaine du Buisson. In addition they buy eaux-de-vie. They possess huge stocks of all six Cru’s.
They own distilleries in the cities of Jarnac and Saintes.

The four brands they have are: Park, Grand Breuil, Campagnere and Du Buisson. They do not sell any cognacs under their own name (Tessendier).

The gamma:

  • Park: VS (blend), Borderies (Borderies), VSOP blend, XO Cigar blend (grande and petite champagne), XO (blend), Extra (grande champagne). The last one used to be called Vieille Grande Champagne.
  • Grand Breuil: VS (blend), VSOP (blend), Elite (predominantly grande and petite champagne and a little Fins Bois),  XO (predominantly grande and petite champagne and a little Borderies).
  • Du Buisson: all Borderies.
  • Campagnere: all blends.

Besides for their own brands they also distil for Frank Vigneron who markets the brands Comandon and Philebert.

Other brands they have used in the past or that they still use, are:

  • Ouches du Breuil
  • Domaine du Breuil
  • Chronos


http://www.cognac-tessendier.com/ (no visiting information available)
http://www.cognac-park.com/uk/?lgl=ok (no visiting information available)
http://www.grandbreuil.com/ (no visiting information available)

Both other brands (Campagnere and Du Buisson) do not have a website of their own.
Address: 94 Rue Robert Daugas, 16100 Cognac


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