Seguinot, bouilleur de Cru in Segonzac (grande champagne)


1890 Emile Seguinot starts his company in La Nérolle (Segonzac).

Today Philippe Seguinot, sixth generation, is the managing director. They own 85 hectares of vineyard in the grande champagne district. Ageing takes place in their own ‘chais’ and they make their own blends of course.

They exclusively make blends of grande champagne cognacs: Sélection, VSOP, Réserve, Napoléon, XO, Age Inconnu, Réserve de la Famille, Réserve d’Or. Vincemus is discontinued.

Much of their production is exported to Asia (China, Russia, amongst others)




Address: La Nérolle, BP 50021, 16130 Ségonzac. Telephone: 0545 834173. (No information available on visiting possibilities).




Seguinot — 4 Comments

  1. Hello, thank for your interest about our brand and our company.
    I’m Philippe SEGUINOT, Gérard SEGUINOT’s son, and after reading your article, I have several remarks on this one :
    – “Cognac 2253320 Corporation” is not the new owner of our brand since 2001. Seguinot is still in our family, since 1890.
    – My father (Gérard SEGUINOT) is actually the fifth generation, and I assist him since 2022 (my name is Philippe SEGUINOT, I’m the sixth generation).
    – Regarding the note about Vincemus, you can erase it, because we stopped this cognac.

    Thank you for reading ! Have a good day, and tell me if you want any informations !

    • Thank you Philippe,
      I will change the text accordingly.
      I did send you an e-mail on Monday already with a question about prices too.
      Maybe yoy will find time to answer that?

  2. Hello Shirley,
    This is not so easy to answer. For instance an Age Inconnu, which is a more valuable bottle than yours, sometimes goes for under €100 and sometimes over €200.
    I estimate (vintage 1973, offered in 1990s) that its content has aged for 18-25 years.
    Vintage cognacs sell well. So I estimate that with some luck you could expect €200. It also depends on in which country you are selling.
    Good luck,

  3. Good afternoon, I’m not sure if you could supply any information re Folio Society branded Vintage 1973 Pierre Séguinot Champagne Cognac?

    I’ve been doing a bit of digging and found a small amount were offered to their members in the 1990s, perhaps a couple of hundred bottles.

    I have 9 bottles still perfectly sealed and I’m actually thinking of selling one to add to someones Folio Society bookcase.

    What would a good price be please as I can’t find a single reference anywhere on the Internet, so presume all the rest were consumed.

    Thank you 🙂
    I am trying to find out some information regarding the Pierre Seguinot bottles harvested 1973

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