Lucien-Foucauld, owned by Compagnie de Guyenne (CDG)


The main entrance on the rue Pascal Combeau, now headquartes of CDG .


  • Established in 1847 by Lucien Foucauld
  • 1899: Marc Foucauld succeeded him
  • 1977 they were sold to Michel Coste of the Compagnie De Guyenne Groupe, also known as the Compagnie Commerciale de Guyenne (CCG)
  • Today Lucien-Foucauld is a secondary bran, only sold in the supermarket


Foucauld once was a big name, held in high regard. Its cognacs were shipped all over the world.Lucien had a real passion for good quality cognac and his cognacs were among the best to be found in his time. Lucien and his son Marc belong to the elite group of men that made cognac famous in the world.

His son Marc joined him in 1894, to succeed him five years later.

Lucien and Marc Foucaud


Now the brand can only be bought in supermarkets.

Today you can still find old bottles on auction-sites, notably some very old vintages (1811, 1834, 1847, 1848, 1865, 1875, 1878, 1932.) Also occasionally an old VSOP or 3 stars (or even 5 stars or crowns).


Address (CDG): 26 Rue Pascal Combeau, 16100 Cognac. Telephone: 0545 823210.




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