Logis de la Mothe, bouilleur de Cru in Criteuil-La-Magdeleine (grande champagne)


Not much is known about the Logis de la Mothe brand. The owner is André Jullien. His family has been active as winegrowers since 1865 and owns sixty-one hectares of vineyard in the grande champagne area.
The building is reconstructed in the 16th century, but it was already existing in the 12th century when Count de la Mothe, a crusader, lived there.

(It seems production of cognac has stopped in 2017).

Range (grande champagne): VSOP, XO, Vieille Réserve.

No website.
Address: Logis de la Mothe, 16300 Criteuil-la-Magdeleine. Telephone: 0545 805402. (no information available on visiting possibilities.)



Logis de la Mothe — 5 Comments

  1. Puisque la Famille julien semble avoir cessé la production du Cognac,
    Qui a acheté le vignoble ?
    Probablement un autre producteurde Cognac ?
    Merci de fournir les renseignements.

    Patrick Bouchardy
    Montreal, Québec, Canada

  2. Hello Larry,

    I do not sell cognac, so I can’t help. I think your best chances are in buying a bottle from an auction site. Sites that now and again have a Logis de la Mothe are Catawiki, Scotchwhiskyauctions, whisky.auction and maybe some others too. But mind you, some people are not too willing to send to the US because of tax difficulties.


  3. Hello – I would very much like to purchase a bottle of de la Mothe Vieille Réserve. I live in California. My wife and I would love to taste that cognac again for our 30th wedding anniversary. I would of course be happy to pay any postal expenses. Do we have any chance?

    • If you are interested. MW Wines in Melbourne Australia have two lots of Logis de la Mothe XO Cognac up for auction, the auction closes on Wednesday 20th of April at 18.00 hours Melbourne time. Starting bids are at A$105.00, they do overseas deliveries….

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