Lascaux, bouilleur de Cru in Saint Même les Carrières (grande champagne)


The house was originally a halting place (‘relais de poste’) during the 16th and 17th century. In 1921 Pierre and Aline Lascaux bought it, but it was Louis Lascaux, grand-father of Sylvain, who started distilling wines. In 1950 Maurice Lascaux took over, a name that is still seen a lot on the cognac labels. During the crisis years Lucette, Maurice’s wife, started a lodging-house in 1973 with several appartments, just to get by. It is still very much operative today and is called ‘Logis du renfermis’.
In 1988 Sylvain and Patricia Lascaux took over and in 2011 Rémi Lascaux joined them.
They have a 22 hectare vineyars and do their own distilling.

Range (grande champagne): Grande Réserve; XO Impérial (35-40 years old), Réserve familiale (55-60 years old) (not working anymore)

Address: Logis du Renfermis, 16720 Saint Même les Carrières. Telephone: 0545 819048; mob.: 06 08056605. (Opening hours: from June till September from 8h – 20h and on Sundays from 9h – 19h. The other months from 9h – 18h and on Sundays from 11h – 12h and 14h – 17h30.)



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  1. Hello,

    You left this message on a page from my website, but this is not a page owned by Lascaux. I noticed though that the website link for Lascaux is not working anymore. I added a link to the Facebook page of Lascaux, so you can ask your question there.

    Good luck,
    Ton (website

  2. Bonjour Monsieur

    We stayed at your fabulous place some years ago with our young son in a camper van and just loved our time with you. We want to come back but in the meantime we have just finished your wonderful cognacs we bought from you. Is it possible to buy more direct from you to be shipped to an address in London in the UK. Yours with much fondness. Sam Bond

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