Fillioux, bouilleur de Cru in Juillac-le-Coq (grande champagne)

It was Honoré Fillioux who started growing wines in the year 1880 and who gave his name to the cognacs he produced. The beautiful estate “La Pouyade” in Juillac-le-Coq was bought in 1894. All his vineyards (54 acre, 22 hectare) are in the Grande Champagne area. They once have made eaux-de-vie for Hennessy, but for a very long time now they only make eaux-de-vie for their own brand.
The men of the Fillioux dynasty are famous for their superb nose, which of course is the reason that for many generations, even up to this day, Hennessy employs descendents of this family as their cellar masters. And Honoré Fillioux also stems from this family.
Honoré Fillioux’s sons and grandsons have succeeded him: Jean, Michel, Pascal and now Christophe together with Monique since 2003.

The vineyard is almost fully planted with the ugni blanc variety but they have also some folignan planted.

Distillation is on the lees. His coeur (the middle part) starts a little earlier than with any other bouilleur because this part contains some very concentrated flavours he wants to keep. His coupe on the other hand is also made earlier because this last part of the distillate is of less quality. Because of it his percentage of alcohol is higher and his cognacs need longer to age properly. But the result is a more developed bouquet, flavor and texture.
After distillation he always adds water to reduce the eaux-the-vie from 70 to 65 percent to take away some of the aggressiveness.
For aging he only uses Limousin oak, lightly charred. The higher quality eaux-de-vie go in new casks and stay there for the rest of their aging process.. The eaux-de-vie that will be sold as young cognacs never go in new casks, but in casks of at least 6 years of age (futs roux).

Range: le Coq (3-4 year), la Pouyade (7-8 year), Napoleon (8-9 year), Cep d’Or (12-13 year), So Egelantissime XO (20-23 year), Très Vieux (25-30 year), Cigar club, Réserve Familiale (> 45 year) and a few millésimes (1991, 1953).

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Address: La Pouyade, 16130 Juillac-le-Coq. Telephone: 0545 830409 (visits by appointment)


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