• sorting is possible; click on the arrows on the top of the columns.


Codes for symbol on the map:

n = not on the map
n (b) = not on the map, but information about the brand exists on the site
otherwise: the symbol used on the map

If a later owner is mentioned with a date, the date is not necessarily the date of acquisition, but rather the first reference to that owner that I could find.

Codes for sources (column ‘vermelding in/bij’):

1. Paczensky; Cognac
2. Conal Gregory; The Cognac Companion
3. Faith; Cognac
3a. Faith; gids voor Cognac e.a. wijndistillaten
4. Delos, Gilbert; The World of Cognac
5. Mac A. Andrew; an independant guide to the people, the product and the region
6. Behrendt; Cognac
7. Koops; Cognac – kiezen op smaak
8. Ravaz; Pays du Cognac
9. Cognac Illustre
10. Sépulchre; Le livre du cognac
11. Christian Pessey; The little book of cognac
12. James Long; Cognac and other Brandies
13. Petit Futé; Guide de l’amateur de cognac
14. Jörg Zipprick; Die Welt des Cognacs
15. Revue des Vins et Liqueurs (1907)
16. Walter Crotch, The complete year book of French quality wines, spirits and liqueurs
AlC. Archives.lacharente.fr (online)
EP. Label site of Paul Ronne
VIC. Vignerons Indépendentes de Charente
@. van internet

Where I mention a person or company that ‘owns’ the brand, it is the last known owner. It is always possible the ownership has changed after that.


Explanation of columns and codes — 7 Comments

  1. Good afternoon, please about information regarding my cognac. I founded this bottle. I would like to know year of production and price for this cognac. Thank you for your help and answer.

    Martin from Czech republic

    • There is not much to say about this brand. It was taken over by Salignac in the early 20th century. Salignac was taken over by Courvoisier in Jarnac and so is now part of Beam. I’m not sure, but I think the brand is still only used for supermarket cognacs. Three stars is the lowest quality. The value will be between €20 and 30. I can’t say when this bottle was produced, maybe if I can look at the back….

  2. I’m a great admirer of La Rabaudié XO – it’s still for sale (via Cognatheque, for example) but it would appear that the Rabaudié brothers are no longer producing? Do you have a link to any further information, contact details for them perchance?

  3. I have an excellent 80s? Grande Champagne from Jean-Claude Pluchon that I got on Catawiki. I believe he is no longer active. Is this the same Pluchon & Co on your inactive list?

    • No, C. Pluchon & Co. was in the city of Cognac, while Jean-Claude Pluchon lives in Angoulême. His vineyards were near Treillis in the grande champagne area.

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