• sorting is possible; click on the arrows on the top of the columns.
  • ‘k’: symbol on the map
  • ‘plaats’: name of the city, village or hamlet.
  • website: producer’s website if available; sometimes another website that has information on the producer.


Codes for symbol on the map:

n = not on the map
n (b) = not on the map, but information about the brand exists on the site
otherwise: the symbol used on the map

Codes for sources (column ‘vermelding in/bij’):

1 Paczensky; Cognac
2 Conal Gregory; The Cognac Companion
3 Faith; Cognac
3a Faith; gids voor Cognac e.a. wijndistillaten
4 Delos, Gilbert; The World of Cognac
5 Mac A. Andrew; an independant guide to the people, the product and the region
6 Behrendt; Cognac
7 Koops; Cognac – kiezen op smaak
EP site of Cognac-Paul on etiquettes (Paul Ronne)
VIC Vignerons Indépendentes de Charente
@ internet


Explanation of columns and codes — 4 Comments

  1. I have an excellent 80s? Grande Champagne from Jean-Claude Pluchon that I got on Catawiki. I believe he is no longer active. Is this the same Pluchon & Co on your inactive list?

    • No, C. Pluchon & Co. was in the city of Cognac, while Jean-Claude Pluchon lives in Angoulême. His vineyards were near Treillis in the grande champagne area.

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