There are lots of places to stay. And maybe you have already found a place to stay, but if not, there are quite a number of winegrowers that also do Bed & Breakfast. So while you are looking for producers to visit, keep an eye out on possibilities to stay the night. I have put a few possibilities on the map on a separate layer (you can turn it on or of as you like). All very cheap.
Besides these cheap B&B’s there are many luxury B&B’s en hotels to find and of course some nice possibilities to stay in a beautiful castle.

Starting places

If your main interest is holiday and maybe the beaches, you will probably find your own way to find a place to stay. But read on if you are looking for some great starting places for visiting cognac houses.

The three best places to start are without any doubt:

  • Cognac (pop. 19.000) is the best place to start of course if you are a first time visitor. This is the city were the most big firms are established. Also a general place of interest. It’s on the north of the grande champagne area. And north of Cognac is the Borderies region, with also some nice bouilleurs de Cru.
  • Jarnac (pop. 4.600) has several big firms. Also some Grande champagne producers within reach.
  • Segonzac (pop. 2.200): little village, but the heart of the Grande champagne area and its capital. Good starting place for discovering winegrowers/cognacproducers in the Grande champagne. In Segonzac you will also find ‘Le Maison de la Grande Champagne’. They have a lot of choice in brands of small producers. A most charming place to stay in the middle of Segonzac is ‘Het Druivenparadijs’ (translates to vine paradise); very nice people!

View on Portes de Saint-Jacques in Cognac

You will find some tourist information on these cities on the following pages.

Alternative starting places

Other places with more than enough bouilleurs in the neighberhood:

  • Archiac (pop. 820): very small, but the centre of the Petite champagne area.
  • Jonzac (pop. 3.800): little town on the South-west of Petite champagne, several producers.
  • Rouillac (pop. 2.000): lots of Fins bois producers in the north-eastern part of the Fins bois.
  • Matha (pop. 2.000): in the centre of the northern Fins bois region. Enough producers within reach.
  • Saint-Genis-de-Saintonge (pop. 1.250): if you want to visit the producers in the Fins bois near the Gironde you could make this your starting point. The Fins bois area around here is held in high repute.
  • Cozes (pop. 2.000): Bons bois area, but a lot of cognac producers. Also not far away are the Fins bois producers near the Gironde.