How do you start planning a trip to the cognac region? Two different approaches come to mind.

First approach

The best way is to think of one or two cognac producers you really would like to pay a visit to. From there on you could look for some more producers in that area. To help you with that, I have made a map of the region in with almost all producers on it – any way, all the ones that are of any importance. There are some 500 different cognac producers on the map. From the very big and famous names to the very tiny bouilleurs de Cru who only produce cognacs made from their own vineyards.

Alternative approach

Another way to go about it is to first choose a nice place to stay, a city perhaps, and then look on the to see which producers are in the neighbourhood. On the following pages, I wrote about some interesting cities.

About the map

The map is searchable on citynames and on names of cognac producers (brands if you like). Of course you can zoom in to see in detail were the place is located.
You can aslo make other layers visible (or hide them). There are several layers:

  • the most important layer Charente, with all the brands and producers
  • layer Charente B&B cognac producers, with some cheap B&B’s hosted by cognac producers.
  • another layer is: Places of interest
  • layer Castles. A gray castle is not open for visitors, the green ones are. But be warned: the green castles are sometimes only a few months a year opened!