Unicoop, co-operative in Cognac


Unicoop stands for Union Cooperative des Vignerons Charentais.

  • 1931    Established by Pierre-Lucien Lucquiaud, together with Clément Baudy, Maurice Baudy, André Ferrand, Abel Ferrand, Désiré Lalande, Aris Brisson, le docteur Porchaire, Emile Pillet, Ferrand Grataud, Jean Maurin, Pierre Gadras.
  • 1960    H. Mounier joins Unicoop; they already are working together as of 1947. Mounier brings in the brand Prince Hubert de Polignac.
  • 1997  Deal to produce Grey Goose wodka for Sydney Franck (USA)
  • 1999  Almost bankrupt, but saved by the government together with Credit Agricole
  • 2001  They buy Hardy, who after their bankruptcy was bought by Klesch Capital Partners (KCP) in 1999.
  • 2003  They buy Calvet, a big merchant in Bordeaux
  • 2004  Grey Goose is being sold by Sydney Franck to Bacardi
  • 2006  Calvet is being sold to Grands Chais de France.


Their main brands are : Prince Hubert de Polignac, Mounier, Hardy.
They also sell eau-de-vie to other firms.

Managing director: Dominique Callandre

Unicoop has had over 4000 winegrowers under contract. Now a mere 200.
They own 125 pot stills.

Brands in their possession:

  • Paul Bocuse
  • Bonnefont
  • Canonnier
  • Casmeze
  • De Chabrac
  • Le Grand Chevalier
  • Cognac des Paysans Charentais (belonged to Mounier)
  • Comte de la Fayette (belonged to Mounier)
  • Coronation
  • Count de Beaufort
  • Furio
  • Gibeau, Château
  • Grand Chambellan
  • Grand Monarque
  • Hardy
  • La Jasserie (belonged to Mounier)
  • Kismi
  • Lafayette
  • Lancrey
  • Laurent ((belonged to Mounier)
  • Logis de Bonnefort (typo: Logis de Bonnefont?)
  • Mallet, Jean-Paul (belonged to Mounier)
  • Marquis de la Fayette
  • Marquis Pierre de Villemin (belonged to Mounier)
  • Jean Marquis
  • Martinaud, Albert
  • Maurin, Marcel
  • Le May
  • Mounier, Henri
  • Nansen
  • Odéon
  • cognac des Paysans Charentais
  • de Pourvil (belonged to Mounier)
  • Prince Hubert de Polignac (belonged to Mounier)
  • Rheans
  • Roland
  • Unicovi
  • Valois
  • Vigier Latour (belonged to Mounier)


Address: 49 Rue Lohmeyer, 16102 Cognac. Telephone: 045 824577 (No visiting).