Unicognac, co-operative in Saint-Germain-de-Lusignan. Main brands: Jules Gautret, Ansac, Lauriac, Roi des Rois.


  • 1959    Under the patronage of the Jules Gautret firm – established by Jules Gautret in 1848 – Unicognac is founded. The main constituents were the Jules Gautret firm and the Union des Coopératives de Charente-Maritime. Jules Gautret became their premium brand.
  • 2015    Take-over of AE Dor. AE Dor becomes a rather independant subsidiary and the management stays with Pierre Antoine Rivière.


A close cooperation with Charentes-Alliance exists, with over 2500 participating wine growers. By collaborating they try to lower production costs and marketing costs, to create better stocking possibilities with an extensive ´paradise´ and to keep on a considerable supply of blended cognacs.
At some point in time the cooperation has become a take-over in which Unicognac remains relatively independant.

Update: in December 2015 Charentes Alliance merges with Coré Poitou Charentes to become Océalia. AE Dor and Unicognac remain relatively independant subsidiaries.

Unicognac used to have an enormous number of different brands, maar some twenty years ago they have reduced the numer to four: Ansac, Jules Gautret, Lauriac and Roi des Rois.

Range Ansac: XXX, VSOP, Napoléon, Napoléon XO.
Range Jules Gautret: XXX, VSOP, Fine Champagne, Napoléon, Grande Champagne, Hors d’Age.

Brands in possession of Unicognac:

  •      Allessac (?)
  •           André Dorbert
  •      D’Anglar
  •      Ansac
  •      Bergeon
  •      Berjon
  •           Bonroy
  •           Bon Roy
  •           Carte Royal
  •           Chastagne?
  •           Coflam?
  •           Cognac Union
  •           Coronation
  •           Count de Gautret
  •           De la Cour
  •           Darnac
  •           Delignac
  •           Delsay
  •           Didonne
  •           André Dorbert
  •           De Forsac
  •           Gautret
  •           Gaujon, Jules
  •           De Lacour
  •           Lauriac
  •           Marsat
  •      Montigny
  •      Ona
  •           Orphi
  •           Prince de Didonne
  •           Régence
  •           Roi des Rois (via Dontrac?)
  •           André Simon
  •           Tradition & Qualité
  •           Union
  •           Valleroy
  •           Vice-Roi
  •           Vosges         


Address: 51 Route de Saint-Genis, Z.I. de Saint-Germain-de-Lusignan, 17500 Saint-Germain-de- Lusignan. Telephone: 0546 481099. (visiting is only possible if you have an appointment.)