Trijol, distillery in Saint-Martial-sur-Né (latest update June 2018)


Established in 1859. From that date on the family already owned vineyards and a pot still.
In 1954 Maxime Trijol starts working as a merchant in wine and cognac and he invests by buying new alambics. Eight years later, in 1962, he decides to become a distiller (bouilleur de profession). For the most part he distils the wines from vignerons who do not own their own alambic. Only a small part originates fromhis own vineyards in the petite and grande champagne regions. (60 hectares).
These days Jean-Jacques Trijol owns 22 alambics. His daughters Pauline and Anne-Sophie work with him.

The young eau-de-vie spends first a year in new or very young casks for which they use Limousin and Tronçais wood. Sugar is added for the joungest cognac qualities. Caramel and boisé is added to the cognacs of the classic productgroup.

Trijol produces cognacs with their own label. They have more than one product line:

Grand classics (blends): Spécial, VS, VSOP, VSOP Superieur, XO, XO Celebration.
Grande Champagnes: Elegance, VSOP, Réserve, XO, Extra, Ancestral, 150th Anniversary.
Très Vieille Borderies (approx. 80 years old).
Vintages: Fins Bois 1970-1975-1976-1978-1986, Petite Champagne 1976, Grande Champagne 1977-1985-1988-1990.

Trijol used to sell their grande champagnes under the Duboigalant label, a name of the region of one of their vineyards.

The Paulsen Collection also is a label of Maxime Trijol (40 years old petite champagne).
Address: 2 Impasse du Paradis, 17520 Saint Martial sur Né. Telephone: 0546 495331. (Visitors are welcome, but it is appreciated when you call them up front.)