Salignac, cognac firm in Jarnac, owned by Courvoisier.


Salignac is property of Courvoisier (which in turn is owned by Beam Inc.) and can be regarded as a secundary brand of Courvoisier.
In the first half of the 19th century Pierre-Antoine de Salignac had some very innovative ideas. He wanted to challenge the three giants (Martell, Hennessy and Otard-Dupuy) by focussing on the quality of his products. He ganged up with several hunderds of winegrowers to form the Société Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac. He then started classifying his cognacs by district (like they did in Bordeaux) and suggested to age cognacs longer. As a result sales went up and so did the sales prices. Around 1870 Salignac and his Société Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac was the second biggest firm, only surpassed by Hennessy.

Salignac & Fils

  • In 1802 Antoine de Salignac starts to trade cognac together with M. Babin
  • 1809 Antoine de Salignac (born 1753) establishes his firm Saliginac together with his son Pierre-Antoine.


Société Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac

  • 1838 Société Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac is established in Jarnac, headed by Pierre-Antoine de Salignac who was the initiator. Over four hundred winegrowers and distillers join, including some important landowners like the Marquis d´Asnières and Jules de Brémond of the village of Ars.
    The Société Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac was a respons to the big three, Martell, Hennessy and Otard-Dupuy, who monopolized the foreign markets.
  • 1845 Pierre Antoine de Salignac dies in a horse and cart accident.
  • 1845 Georges de Salignac takes the wheel, but he very slowly steers away from the coöperatieve oriëntation and resumes a more low-key style of doing business.
  • 1864  Louis de Salignac takes over until 1897.
  • In 1897 an argument arises between J.G. Monnet and Louis de Salignac, no doubt about which direction the company should take. Louis de Salignac leaves the company and starts his own company. Monnet takes over the lead at Société Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac. Within a few years he obtained the majority of shares and renamed the company after himself (see Monnet).


Louis de Salignac & Co.

  • 1897    Louis de Salignac establishes his own cognac firm: Louis de Salignac & Co.
  • 1924    Merger with Henry Roy
  • 1974    Hiram Walker buys the company. They already had bought Courvoisier in 1964.
  • 1986    Hiram Walker is being sold to Allied-Lyons
  • 1994  Domecq buys Allied-Lyons and becomes Allied-Domecq. Louis de Salignac is now a subsidiary of Courvoisier.
  • 2005    Pernod-Ricard taks over Allied-Domecq.
  • 2011    Beam Inc. is being established. Courvoisier (Salignac inclusive) is divested to Beam.


Other brands in possession of Salignac or wich have been used in the past by Salignac:

  • Bagaron
  • Barlignac
  • De Chavagnac
  • Claudon
  • Collin
  • Compagnie Agricole et Viticole du Cognac
  • Dubois
  • Duclos
  • Frappier
  • Gros, Félix
  • Gournay (is said to be in possssion of Moullon as well)
  • Huvet
  • Mauriol
  • Menager
  • Morel
  • Mouget
  • René, John B.
  • Riccard
  • Roccard
  • Roset
  • Rouselle
  • Henri Roy
  • Royal Saintonge
  • Sansac
  • Société Vinicole de Cognac
  • Sonac
  • Sugier
  • Tesco
  • Union à Cognac
  • Union des Propriétaires distillateurs
  • Uniona Cognac
  • United Vineyard Proprietors of Cognac
  • Vénérand


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