Renault, brand owned by Altia

Renault used to be produced on Domaine de Lignères near Rouillac, as was Bisquit. This picture dates from that period, when both Renault-Bisquit and Martell were owned by Pernod-Ricard.


  • 1835 Jean-Antonin Renault establishes his firm in Cognac.
  • 1876 Antonin Renault dies. Jules Brunet is in charge.
  • around 1900 Henri de Saint-Louvent, son in law of Antonin Renault, takes over.
  • 1963 Renault buys Castillon Cognac (est.1814) and becomes Castillon Renault
  • 1973 Castillon-Renault becomes part of Hennessy
  • 1975 Castillon-Renault becomes part of the Dreyfus group
  • 1991 Merger with Bisquit Dubouché to become Renault Bisquit; they move to Rouillac.
  • 1991 Pernod Ricard buys Renault Bisquit
  • 2009 Distell buys Bisquit after which Renault and Bisquit are two separate brands again.
  • 2010 Renault is sold to Altia Corporation (Finland)

Renault does not own any vineyards but buys its (young) cognacs.
In the nineteen-eighties the name Castillon was still in use as a brandname for cognacs, but this name has vanished altogether, although a Pinet-Castillon is sometimes still offered on an auction. Castillon was a firm established in 1814 under the name of Pinet-Castillon.

Nowadays you can buy Renault cognac in one of the following qualities:
Renault Bleu Nuit V.S.; Renault Carte Noire Extra; Renault Carte d’argent X.O.
Carte Noir Extra is a blend of three different Cru’s: grande champagne, petite champagne and fins bois and has aged twenty years.
Carte d’Argent XO has aged 30 yars and is likewise a blend, but predominantly of grande and petite champagne.

Other brands in possession of Renault or which have been used in the past by Renault:

  • Armand Frères
  • Armand St.Arnaud & Co.
  • Batton Royal Crown Brandy
  • Brourard
  • Boyer
  • Carte d’Or
  • Celestin Ribes
  • Comte de la Garde
  • Decaumont
  • Delmont, Jules
  • Dumas
  • Léon Dupont
  • Garaud
  • Grandes Distilleries Réunies, les
  • Golden Lion
  • Jannery, Jules
  • Luc
  • Mornaud
  • Norvin
  • Ollivier
  • Paraphe
  • Prince Louis
  • Relda
  • Renault (-Bisquit)
  • Renay
  • Robline
  • Rouvert
  • Rouvier
  • Saint-Louvent
  • Saladin
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