Lhéraud, bouilleur de Cru in Angeac-Charente (petite Champagne)


  • 1680 Alexander Lhéraud starts growing grapes in Lasdoux near Angeac (some sources even mention 1639).
  • 1875 Eugène Lhéraud obtains a vineyard the grande champagne district.
  • 1881 They start distilling for the major companies.
  • 1971 Guy and Andrée Lhéraud start to sell cognacs under their own name.


Rémy Lhéraud, the son of Eugène, has bought much more hectares, and in other districts too.
Guy Lhéraud inherited the vineyards of his father in the petite champagne district and he also inherited a special stock of very old cognacs. The vineyards in the grande champagne, borderies and fins bois districts went to his sisters who have sold them to other wine-growers.
Guys’s vineyards are planted with 80% Ugni Blanc, 10% Folle Blanche and 10% Colombard. The family owns her own alambics. Production of cognacs is fully done under direct management. They still sell a great part of their eaux-de-vie to the major firms.

Distilling is done on the lees. A small part of the young eau-de-vie is put in new casks, the rest in older casks. All the cognacs from one year are being blended before before it goeds in its last cask.
No additives are used.

Gamma: VS, VSOP and XO and a lot of vintage cognacs. The vintage cognacs are mostly petite champagne, but they produce vintages of each of the five crus.

Lhéraud is in possession of several other brands (registered):

  • Fargeas
  • Baron V. Fournier
  • Edouard III
  • Henri III
  • Lasdoux
  • Alexandre Leopold
  • Cardinal Premium

Address: Domaine de Lasdoux, 16120 Angeac-Charente. Telephone: 0545 971233. (No information on visiting available).