Estève, bouilleur de Cru in Celles (petite champagne)

Although it is not known exactly when Estève was established, we do know Jacques Estève is already sixth generation. The company owns a vineyard of fifty hectares, fully planted with ugni blanc, which lies in one of the best petite champagne territories.

Distillation is done on the lees. Estève lets his cognacs age considerably longer than legally required. They use mostly Limousin oak. About 20% of the casks is made of medium toasted Tronçais wood. They put their young eaux-de-vie in new casks for the duration of one year before transferring to older casks.
Besides producing and selling their own products, they also seel part of their production to Rémy Martin.

Their range of products (petite champagne): Grande Tradition (Napoléon), Sélection Coup de Coeur (XO), La Très Vieille Réserve de la Famille, Très Vieux Cognac de la Propriété, La Réserve Ancestrale, Cognac Héritage, Cognac Plénitude (Cuvée Hommage à Francois Adrien Hitier).

Update 2021: they stopped not so long ago.
Address: 87 Route de la Vallée du Né, 17520 Celles. Telephone: 0546 495120. (possible to visit, please announce your visit in advance)