Bache-Gabrielsen, merchant in Cognac


  • 1905 Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen from Norway, together with his fellow countryman Peter Anton Rustad, establish their company.
  • 1905 Take-over of the company of A.E. Dupuy
  • 1916 After the demise of Peter Anton Rustad, Bache-Gabrielsen continues on his own.

Jean-Philippe Bergier is the maître-de-Chai at Bache-Gabrielsen and nowadays Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen is the director/owner. Besides blends, they also produce Grande champagnes, Petite Champagne and Fine champagnes.

Their main brand names are Bache-Gabrielsen and Dupuy, Dupuy mainly being marketed in southern Europe.

Range: VS (blend), VSOP (blend), XO Fine Champagne, XO Prestige (fine champagne), Hors d’Age (grande champagne), Sérénité Très Vieille Grande Champagne, 1973 Single Estate Petite Champagne.
Next to these they make a series of ‘Pure and Rustic’ and also some Cuvées.
(For the Dupuy range: see there.)

Other brands in possession of Bache-Gabrielsen or which have been used in the past by Bache-Gabrielsen:

  • A. Edmond Dupuy
  • Caves
  • Maudet
  • Rustad & Bache-Gabrielsen
  • Bache-Gabrielsen
  • Hervé de la Horse.
  • Devin & Co.
  • Dorain Frères
  • Lecomte & Co. (Gabriel)
  • De Mussac
  • Pol Prainton
  • Rolland & Co. (via A. Edmond Dupuy)
  • Tardieu & Co. (Rémy)
  • Tressac Seguin & Co.
  • De Verteuil
  • Vilbert & Co.
  • Benoit Serres (liquor firm)
Company address is 32 rue de Boston BP62, 1602 Cognac. Visiting address: 5 Rue Louis Dominic, just around the corner. Tel. 05 45320745.