Pierre de Segonzac, bouilleur de Cru in La Nérolle (grande champagne)


  • 1702  Jacques Ferrand establishes the company, but already in 1469 they were growing wine.
  • 1986  Pierre Ferrand hires Alexander Gabriel and Jean-Dominique Andreu, two business school students, to help out in his company.
  • 1992  Pierre Ferrand makes Alexander Gabriel and Jean-Dominique Andreu his partners. Both acquire 8% of the shares.
  • a discord soon arises.
  • 1993  Pierre Ferrand starts a collaboration with Franck Monier and they create the brands Monier-Ferrand and Famille Ferrand.
  • In 1994 the discontent between Ferrand and Gabriel & Andreu leads to several lawsuits.
  • Around 2000  they go separate ways and Dabriel & Andreu buy Ferrand off.
  • Also around 2000 Pierre Ferrand starts his own new company which he calls Pierre de Segonzac.
  • 2013: Pierre Ferrand deceases.
  • In 2014 it is Pablo Ferrand, grandson of Pierre, who continues the business.


So in 2000 Pierre Ferrand loses his name, his brand name that is, but he is able to retain his stocks and his vineyards. Gabriel & Andreu probably got the stocks that were already bottled.
What has happened re the brands Monier-Ferrand and Famille Ferrand is not known. As far as I know Franck started his own brand Le Palin together with his son, Paul Monier.
When Pierre died in 2013 he handed down 27 hectare of vineyard. But when Pablo Ferrand wanted to continue the business he had to buy off the other heirs. So he has started now with 7 hectares, fully planted with ugni blanc. He does not sell to the major houses, so all is used for his own brand.

He distils on the lees and his cognac ages in Linousin oak.

Gamma since 2000 (grande champagne): VSOP, XO Réserve, XO Sélection des Anges, Ancestrale, Extra.

Before 2000 their gamma was: Fine and Pale, Ambre, Réserve, Sélection des Anges, Abel, Ancestrale, Brut de Fût. Most of these names were continued after 2000 by Gabriel and Andreu (later on only Gabriel: they have split up) under the label Pierre Ferrand which had became their property. The old bottles which were not yet sold had the same quality, but what was produced by them after 2000 was of course not the same cognac anymore.

(Pierre Ferrand had also become the owner of the Decourtet brand, but that went also to Gabriel & Andreu.)

Address: La Nérole, 16130 Segonzac. Telephone: 05 46302214. (visiting is possible).