Yes, they are one and the same. Other (old) names are: ‘bois communs’, ‘bois communs dit à terroir’, ‘bois ordinaires ou à terroir’, ‘bois ordinaires et communs’, ‘bois ordinaires et communs ou à terroir’.
Today ‘Bois ordinaires’ is mostly used.

So there are now three bois area’s: Fins bois, Bons bois and Bois ordinaires.

In the past other distictions have been made re the bois area’s, but not any more: ‘Très bons bois’, ‘Bons bois ordinaires’, ‘Premiers bois’, ‘Deuxièmes bois’, ‘Troisième bois’.

In this picture they are still called Bois ordinaires & Bois communs, but that is very unusual and oldfashioned.